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g4tp barbecue

G4TP is here to bring a genuine barbecue experience and wholesome food/services, rooted in more than just delectable flavors and trendy foods. Our barbecue uses all real wood, low, slow, and authentic techniques, non-automated equipment, and we are working to ensure that all of our meats and produce are sourced from places that practice good food principles. We dry brine all of our meats as needed, and NEVER inject them.

G4TP upholds the following principles and practices

good food principles

A just, equitable and sustainable food system is one that provides physical, economic and community health; regenerates, protects, and respects natural resources and animals; and ensures that all people live with dignity and freedom from oppression and exploitation.” - Good Food For All. You can learn more about this here, and hear about G4TP’s journey through these practices soon!

food is political

Our relationship with food, land, and its many systems is political by definition, and G4TP’s work does not shy away from this reality. Whether it be cultural expression, history and identity, the environment, social policy, labor, or other matters, G4TP works to center these issues both in the intention of the food’s preparation and the communal spaces created around it.

for the people every time
all the time

G4TP works to provide accessible, high-quality food and services, with a focus on Black and Brown communities across South LA. We try to work with any dietary needs, price points, or other unique requests that may arise, and do our best to accommodate them within our capacity. Our vision is rooted in equity, resilience, and liberation for all people, and our priorities and practices reflect this.
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*Prices and menu likely to change through 2021/22*
All per-pound costs are by pre-cooked weights
Minimum $50 to order





Whole Chicken

Texas style brisket, smoked for 8-12+ hours, served sliced or pulled to perfection  $12 / lb
Melt-in-your-mouth marbled meat, sliced or served whole  $10 / lb
Fall-off-the-bone, tender smoked meat, served whole w/ a Texas/Jerk inspired rub  $14 / lb
Butterflied and smoked, with crispy seasoned skin and fall-off-the-bone tender meat  $16

1/2 Chicken

Halved, smoked low and slow  $9


Dark meat (leg & thigh), smoked low and slow  $5


Baby back ribs

spare ribs

pulled pork shoulder


Whole chicken wings (drumettes and flats) smoked low and slow  $8 / lb
Memphis style dry ribs, with a seasonal fruit and bourbon mop  $25 / rack
Memphis style dry ribs, with a seasonal fruit and bourbon mop (chef's choice)  $22 / rack
Low and slow smoked bone-out shoulder, pulled to perfection  $11 / lb
Ask us what you’d like smoked/grilled, and we’ll see what we can do!

- meatless signatures -

smotaki samich

crenslaw po'boy

stuffed caps

corn ribs

Smoked enoki mushrooms, smothered in BBQ sauce, and served between two brioche style buns with pickles and slaw (Vegan)  $10
G4TP’s signature Crenslaw, with kewpie mayo, rice-vinegar pickles, and Cajun-breaded cauliflower bites (Vegetarian)  $10
Smoked Portobello mushroom caps, with custom toppings. Ask for recommendations!  $ price varies
Quartered and fire roasted corn ribs, with our Memphis style rub  $ seasonal

- sides -

$3.50 / 8oz  -  $12 / 32oz



Napa cabbage, carrots, sesame, and a creamy miso-based sauce (Vegan/Vegetarian)
Semi-ripe papaya and avocados, cabbage, cilantro, and a coconut-lime citrus dressing (Vegan)

3 sista's salad

Raw-shoestring blend of squashes and fresh black eyed peas and navy beans, topped w /cornbread croutons and toasted quinoa under a maple, dijon, and roasted squash vinaigrette (Vegan)

edna's baked beans

Edna Lewis inspired, refreshing baked beans (Vegan option)

potato salad

TBA - Ask if interested

Braised Mixed greens

A mix of seasonal greens, braised in a rich chicken or vegetable broth and smoked meats or mushrooms (Vegan option)

Black eyed peas

Black eyed peas stewed in smoke ham, turkey, or mushrooms (Vegan option)

- drinks -

grilled lemonade

Caramelized lemons juiced and blended with brown sugar, ginger, and thyme  $8 / quart

- Pop Up SPECIALS / calendar -

Learn more about our specialty dishes and where to order them at pop-ups here!

classes & workshops

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Intro to Food Systems Class

This is a highly customizable class-series or workshop that's designed to introduce participants to what the food system is, its many different intersections, and explore our individual roles and impacts within it. Topics can range from agriculture and conservation, to food waste, food sovereignty, local ecology, labor/civil rights, food insecurities, and much more.

Age Groups: Middle School - Adult
Costs: Varies - Ask

food labels workshop

This workshop takes a deep dive into how to read and interpret food nutrition fact labels, as well as unpack how, why, and who the food is advertised and targeted for.

Age Groups: Middle School - Adult
Costs: $75 & up

art with plants workshops

This customizable workshop is a fun twist on gardening, combining various art mediums with plants and other natural materials. These workshops can range from making Kokedamas (string gardens), to various vertical garden structures, mosaic pots, garden ornamentals, etc.

Age Groups: All Ages
Costs: $75 & up - w/out materials

gardening workshops

Learn the basics of gardening in this workshop. From soil protection and care, to watering techniques, planting methods, integrated pest management, garden planning, and much more! Customize this class around your group’s unique needs.

Age Groups: All Ages (designed for gardening beginners)
Cost: $75 & up

plant id & foraging workshops

TBA - ask if interested!

barbecue workshops

Learn some of the basics of barbecue and grilling in this workshop, and separate the myth from truth when it comes to tender meats and delicious veggies. This workshop is customizable, and can include any of the following subjects: selecting and finding barbecue equipment, smokers, and grills; techniques for preparing different meats, meat alternatives, and vegetables; grilling preparation, serving, and “waste”; and much more by request.

Age Groups: All Ages
Cost: $100 & up

cooking workshops / demos

G4TP is available to lead various cooking workshops and demonstrations, both virtually and in person, around your unique needs! Workshop specialties include barbecue, southern comfort food, seasonal eating, and mindful meal prep. 

Age Groups: All Ages
Cost: Varies - Ask

presentations / sessions

Devon Hamilton of G4TP is available to lead/co-lead various presentations and workshop sessions for conferences, gatherings, etc. For a list of past sessions, and work-experience for potential new ones, please refer to his LinkedIn, under “Projects.”

Costs: Varies - Ask


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garden planning assistance

Devon Hamilton is an experienced grower and garden planner, with his Master Gardener’s certificate and BS in Landscape Studies. He is available to help suggest plans for both the layout and planting plan for edible, native, and youth/special-needs-friendly home and business gardens. Please reach out via email for more on this service and our ability to meet your specific needs.

garden help

If you are in need of assistance building or keeping up with elements of your garden, please reach out to Devon with any questions and custom services he can provide. We will also cut down or trim small-to-moderate sized trees for FREE, depending on the type of tree in need (ideally citrus, nut, and other flavorful smoking-wood trees).
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